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Sales Manager: Wuzhou Lian
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PCMM02S Module set for silicon sensor

  • PCMM02S

■ Stock & production: Full scale span calibration, single production available, mass stocking.

■ Easy adjustment by buttons: On-site span changing by LCD module buttons free from standard pressure source.

■ High accuracy: For intelligent board, AD accuracy > 20 bits, DA accuracy > 16 bits.

■ Electrical isolation: >1500VDC.

■ Good stability: Linearity better than 0.05% (with sensors), temperature compensation accuracy better than 0.5%.

■ High reliability: Restore factory value by button in case of data chaos.

■ Excellent price-performance ratio: good performance with economical heading circuit board.

■ Communication protocol: HART communication protocol option.

Technical   parameters

Supply power

DC12-32V (DC 24V suggested)

Matching sensor

Diffused silicon sensors, strain gauges, level sensors, etc.

Sampling rate


Display and bits

LCD with backlight, display 5 bits, with 4 decimal places

Display interface

English or Chinese operation interface, displaying pressure,

temperature/current/percentage (interactive display) and 0-100% 

analog display

Display units

Various common units

Output resolution


Temp. compensation


-30~70, complete machine accuracy better than 0.5% (including accuracy of sensor)

Linearity accuracy

Complete machine linearity better than 0.2% (Multi-point calibration available as required)




Power isolation, signal isolation (magnetic isolation), electrical isolation

Range ratio


Circuit protection 


Current limiting protection, reverse polarity protection

Circuit design

Intrinsic safety

Isolation range


Communication   protocol

Private protocol

Commissioning method

by buttons on LCD head, PC software, hand device

Circuit board size

Diameter 61mm, positioning hole center distance 55.14mm (for 

pressure and level transmitters with 3051 housing)

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Contact Us

Wuzhou Lian 
Sales Manager
Tel: 0086-13998828452 
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