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Add: 5 Wenying Road, Binjiang Development Zone, Nanjing, 211161, China
Sales Manager: Wuzhou Lian
Tel: 0086- 13998828452

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PC20 Pressure and temperature integrated sensor


With constant current and constant voltage excitation options

Imported highly reliable pressure die

Wide temperature compensation

Normalized output available

Compensation board filled with glue for protection against moisture

Φ19mm standard OEM

All 316L material

High performance, all solid, high reliability

18 months warranty period

Electrical performance   parameters

Pressure   range


Pressure   reference

Gauge   pressure, Absolute pressure, Sealed gauge pressure


1.5mA recommended   for constant current

10V   recommended for constant voltage

Input   impedance

Constant   current: 2kΩ5kΩ

Constant   voltage: 3kΩ18kΩ

Electrical   connection

Gold-plated   KOVAR pin or silicon soft wire

Compensation   temp.

Constant   current: 060℃(≤70kPa),   -1070℃(other ranges);

Constant   voltage: -2085

Operating   temp.


Storage   temp.


Insulation   resistance


Response time

≤1ms (up to   90%FS)

Measured   medium

All the   liquids and gases compatible with 316L.

Mechanical   vibration

20g (205000Hz)


100g (10ms)

Service   life

10×106   (cycles)

Structural performance   parameters

Diaphragm   material


Housing material


Oil filling

Silicon oil

Sealing   ring

NBR or fluorine rubber

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Contact Us

Wuzhou Lian 
Sales Manager
Tel: 0086-13998828452 
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